• 2 Big Innovations in Useroam Cloud Version!

    You can sign your logs in our Cloud package with 5651 Log Signing. You can send free sms to your guests with our free Useroam SMS service.
    Useroam Cloud
  • Which Brand Would You Like to Use with?

    You can use Useroam Hotspot & Reporting Basic, Extended and Cloud versions with Sophos XG, Cyberoam, Fortigate, Sonicwall, Watchguard firewalls and EnGenius access point seamlessly.
    Useroam Hotspot Sürüm 5
  • Designed for You

    Your guests can gain access to internet with their Turkish Nationality IDs (for Turkey only), Foreign IDs, SMS, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn) informations. You can add any language on your will, customize background picture, logos, logo sizes, colors and fonts.
    Useroam Sizin İçin Üretildi
  • Simple and Intelligible

    Useroam management panel is designed in a simple and intelligible manner. This feature helps you to find what you want easily. You can track your guests with detailed graphic reports and export those reports to PDF or XLS.
    Useroam yönetim paneli
  • Integration with Accommodation Management Softwares and Other Applications

    Useroam supports integration with major accommodation softwares such as, Fidelio, Opera, Odeon, Mod Hotel, Elektra, AmonRa, Akinsoft, Atos, Europeotel, also can be integrated with every software which allows Useroam to reach database. The only thing we need, is to gain access to MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle, TXT, XML, SOAP information.
    Useroam PMS Entegrasyonu

Most Popular Features of Useroam Hotspot & Reporting

Legal Compliance

Useroam Hotspot brings you firewalls in compliance with regulations and take internet access of your guests under control.


You can completely customize your Useroam captive portal by changing background, logo, color, content and fonts whichever you like.


Useroam provides you a secure internet with Turkish ID (for Turkey only), foreign ID and SMS verification.


What can Useroam Offer You More?

Useroam Hotspot Misafir Kayıt

Useroam Hotspot Guest Registration

Did you get tired with “what’s wifi password” question?

With automatic registration option, this question is no longer going to bother you.

With Useroam integrated firewalls such as Sophos XG, Cyberoam, Fortigate, Sonicwall, Watchguard , and EnGenius access points your guests can gain access to internet with Turkish IDs, (for Turkey only), foreign IDs, SMS verification or social media accounts or with the tickets you provide to your guests.

Useroam Hotspot Customization

Customize Useroam whichever you like!

You can customize captive portals to your will, and add any language you want.

You can customize every screen, also you can send advertisements to your guests with ads module.



Make your guests more comfortable and let Useroam integrate to your accommodation softwares and other apps.

Useroam reads data in which it integrates with and for more convenience, it lets your guests access internet seamlessly.

Useroam can work integrated with popular softwares such as: Elektra, Fidelio, Opera, AmonRa, Sentez. With pre-defines policies and data acquired from databases of compatible softwares and applications, your guests can get access to internet seamlessly. With email accumulation option, you can record your guests mail addresses and get the benefit of sending ads to those mail addresses and make announcements for your promotions. With detailed reports, you can track your guests internet usage behaviour and analyze them.

Useroam Bundles

  • Turkish ID verification (For Turkey only)
  • SMS verification
  • Customization
  • Social media integration
  • Advanced Approval Mechanism (admin approval & reference approval)
  • Mass user and ticket options
  • Advertisement module
  • Turkish ID verification (for Turkey only)
  • SMS verification
  • Customization
  • Mass user option
  • Ticket option
  • Not dependent to OS


How can I purchase Useroam?

You can contact with e-mail us.

Which brands are compatible with Useroam

For now, Useroam is compatible with Sophos XG series, Sonicwall, Cyberoam, Fortigate, Mikrotik and Watchguard firewalls and EnGenius access points. Compatibility with some other brands are on our roadmap. 

Which softwares and applications are compatible with Useroam?

Useroam can be integrated with any software and applications which allows to read databases such as MySQL, MsSQL, TXT, XML, API, ORACLE and such. 

Do Useroam Basic and Extended require operating system?

No. Useroam is an OS itself, so there’s no requirement for additional OS license cost. You can install Useroam either on a PC, or Virtual PC. 

Installation File

For Useroam Basic and Extended

Useroam Software Technology - FZCO

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